ATV Axles

ATV Axles

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All Balls Replacement CV Boot Kit [0213-0532]

All Balls Replacement CV Boot Kit - [0213-0532]Details:Overall Length: 3 3/8"ID of small end:  2 CMID of larger end: 6.5 CM19mm x 64mm x 95mmSold as each40% higher tensile strength and 50% more abrasion resistant than conventional material, suitable for the high joint angles and demands of today's ATVs and UTVsKits include two stainless steel clamp..


Rear Axle 29" fits Kazuma 150cc - Falcon Dingo Lacoste #3

Kazuma 150cc ATV Rear Axle - 24 splineThis axle is known to fit the Kazuma models: Dingo 150cc, Falcon 150cc and the Lacoste 150cc.  Please use the measurements and pictures to help insure the correct fit.Axle description:Overall length: 74cm [29"]Spline count both ends: 23Spline count sprocket carrier section: 28Spline count on disc..

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Buy the Best ATV Axles Online at Chinese Parts Max

If you are a proud owner of an ATV or an all-terrain vehicle for agricultural and other purposes, you should know about the Chinese Parts, Max. We are the best online seller of all ATV parts, including the best ATV axles.

Axles are critical for transferring motion from the ATV to the wheels, primarily for front-wheel drives and rear-wheel drives. One of the ATV parts needs replacement as per the use to get damaged because of the wear and tear.

We offer the best ATV axles at affordable costs as we are the leading ATV accessories supplier online. Our axles are made from the highest-quality materials with care and concern to last long to save money and safety.

Why buy ATV axles from us?

Chinese Parts Max, headquartered in Oxnard, California, is the most reliable online store to buy ATV accessories. We value our customers to supply them with the best ATV axles and others at cheaper costs without compromising quality. Our team searches for the best products at an affordable price to provide our customers with high-quality ATV products.

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How to order ATV axles from

When you hear some clicking sounds while turning your ATV, and if it increases along with a rise in the vehicle speed, you need to replace your axles. Also, when you see the grease inside the tire and can feel the vibration speeding up the ATV, it is time to change the axles. Though you can prolong replacing it, you may spoil the other ATV parts. The following are the steps to order ATV axles from


  • Add the number of axles to the cart
  • Make payment through credit cards or PayPal
  • Give the shipping address
  • Receive ATV axles on time

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