Go Kart Steering Wheel and Dash Board

Go Kart Steering Wheel and Dash Board

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Chinese Scooter Go Kart Turn Signal Switch 3 Position

Chinese Turn Signal Light Switch Button for Scooters, Go KartsTurn Signal Light Switch details:Single function switch"Snap-in"3 position switch, left-neutral-right3-spade connector on bottomLength: 43.8mm [1.7"]Width: 22mm [.87"]Height with button is about 45mm or 1.8 inches.YY50-QT0-06012   250T-B-020207YYYL-150-0601410941A535  6.000.11310941  601..


Chinese Scooters & Go Kart Horn Switch Button

Horn Switch Button for Scooters & Go KartsSwitch details:Single function switchPush button momentary horn switch2-spade connector on rearLength: 38.5mm [1.5"]Width: 15.6mm [.62"]Height with button up is about 39mm or 1.5 inches.10923A525  108279  M09704-2YYYL-150-06013   6.000.07950QT-8C-020605   250T-B-020206This switch fits several Taotao sco..


Hazard Warning Light Switch

Hazard Warning Light Switch for GY6 150cc and 250cc Scooters and Go KartsThis hazard switch fits the GY6 150cc and 250cc scooters.  It also fits other makes and models of scooters.  Please determine fit before ordering.Switch details:24mm x 16mm Oval Red hazard button that pushes down and stays3 prong male plug 10958A544YYYL-150-06016Known to fit  ..

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Scooters Go Kart Headlight Dimmer Switch - 4 Spade Connector

Chinese Scooter Headlight Dimmer SwitchThis switch controls the low beams / high beams function.  It is widely used on scooters of all makes and models.Switch Details:2 position headlamp rocker switch - high beams / low beamsMomentary function on lower part of switch for PASSING4 spade male plug"Snap-in"Width of bezel: 32mm [1.25"]Height of bezel: ..

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Which Is the Most Critical Part of The Go-Kart Steering Kit?

Your go-kart parts list consists of plenty of items that are designed to make your journey safe, smooth, and worth enjoying. You can find several go kart parts right from tires, axles, transmission, engines, to many more.

Upon visiting the official website of Chinese parts max, you'll come across the ideal parts and their images. You can go through the descriptions to understand the function of the parts. One of the most critical go kart parts is the go kart steering kit.

The steering wheel forms an integral part of the go-kart kit. Attached near the steering shaft, the go kart steering wheel is held tightly with the help of a steering column. You can find out steering wheels designed for go-karts- these wheels can be brought in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Steering wheels display three to five mounting hole patterns- these patterns should fit the steering wheel's hub. From the perspective of materials and built, steering wheels come with a leather build, polyurethane foam, or steel build.

The steering wheels are of two types, namely butterfly-shaped steering wheels and round-shaped steering wheels. Some of these wheels come with ergonomic features that can improve the driver's grip as well as dampen vibration.

Apart from the steering wheel, you can also find the go-kart parts that fit its dashboard. Some of these parts are as follows:

  • Chinese scooter go-kart turn signal switch three position
  • Chinese scooters & go-kart horn switch button
  • Hazard warning light switch
  • Scooters go-kart headlight dimmer switch four spade connector

How to order from Chinese parts max's website?

Visit the website. Next, add the number of items you want to your cart. You can also add these parts to the Wishlist if you're willing to purchase them later on. Complete the payment, and don't forget to enter the correct shipping address.

You can expect your delivery at the exact time. Pay via online methods such as MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and VISA. Browse through the refund or return policies as well as the terms and conditions.