Taotao 150 Racer Scooter Parts

Taotao 150 Racer Scooter Parts

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Clutch Assembly - 19 Spline - GY6 125cc 150cc Full Auto #9

Chinese Clutch - 19 Spline - GY6 125cc 150ccVersion 9Clutch assembly (#09) is replacement clutch for GY6 150cc Chinese manufactured brands and models. Very popular in go karts & scooters. Used in some ATVs.Clutch details:Rear clutch for GY6 150 engine19 splines inside the clutch drum/bellOD of bell: 136.4mm [5.37"]ID of bell: 125mm [4.91"]ID of..


Electric Start Switch Button for Scooters

Chinese Starter Switch Button for ScootersIgnition switch details:Single function switchPush button starter switch2-spade connector on bottomLength: 38.5mm [1.5"]Width: 15.6mm [.62"]Height with button up is about 39mm or 1.5 inches.10922A524  601581YYYL-150-06011   250T-B-020203This switch fits several Taotao scooters as well as other makes and mod..


GY6 125cc 150cc Front Drive Variator Clutch Assembly #2

Chinese Front Drive Variator Clutch AssemblyGY6 125cc 150cc - CVT - AutoChinese complete variator assembly for the CVT fully automatic 150cc engines on several makes and models of scooters, mopeds, go karts, and some ATVs.Variator details:Drive face center hole: 19 teeth [spline shaft]Drive face hole diameter:  15mm [.59"]Drive face diameter: 11.5c..


GY6 125cc 150cc Scooters Carburetor PD24J 24mm w/ Spring Drain Line

Chinese PD24J Carburetor for GY6 125cc and 150cc ATVs, Scooters-Mopeds, Dirt-Bikes and Go Karts.Version 7This Chinese PD24J carburetor is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  ATVs, Go Karts and Scooters. This carburetor fits GY6 125cc and 150cc models.  Carburetor description:PD24JElectric choke with male 2-wire plugIntake side inner dia..


GY6 150cc Scooters and Mopeds Ignition Key Switch - 4 Wire #21

Key Switch Set for Chinese GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc Scooters and MopedsVersion 21  This switch is almost identical to our key switch 26 except the wires are in different locations in the connector.  Please look at both before purchasing.Detail switch information:Triangular mount measures approx. 2.83" / 72mm center-to-center across the longest part of ..


GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc 250cc Engine CDI 6 Pin Dual Plug #19

Chinese 6 Pin CDIVersion 19Chinese 6 pin dual plug CDI fits many 4-stroke models of scooters and mopeds. It fits most Chinese GY6 50cc-150cc scooters, Go Karts and atvs.  Verify the number of pins and style of plug for best match of your CDI.CDI description:6-pin [4 prong + 2 prong]Rounded dual plug [as pictured]65mm long [2.56"]38.75mm wide [1.52"..


GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc Scooter Go Kart Air Filter #90

Chinese Air Filter - GY6 125cc 150cc Scooter Go KartVersion 90Height: 66mm [2.59"] includes foamHeight: 47mm [1.8"] does not count foamOutside diameter: 123mm [4.83"]Inside diameter: 78mm [3.0"] large openingInside diameter: 45mm [1.76"] small openingBracket with bolt holes Foam around mounting surfaceYYLY-150-2700210059A45  10059Known to fit  AGM,..


GY6 50cc-150cc Oil Filter / Oil Drain Plug and Spring Kit

Chinese ATV Engine Oil Filter, Cover and Spring Kit.This Chinese oil filter is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts and Scooters. This fits GY6 50cc - 150cc models.  Filter description:Filter OD Measurement: 27mm (1.06") approx.Filter ID Measurement: 17.5mm (.69")Height Measurement: 25.4mm (1") approx.Compatibl..


Hazard Warning Light Switch

Hazard Warning Light Switch for GY6 150cc and 250cc Scooters and Go KartsThis hazard switch fits the GY6 150cc and 250cc scooters.  It also fits other makes and models of scooters.  Please determine fit before ordering.Switch details:24mm x 16mm Oval Red hazard button that pushes down and stays3 prong male plug 10958A544YYYL-150-06016Known to fit  ..


Right Brake Light Safety Switch #4

Right Hydraulic Light SwitchVersion 4This brake light switch is commonly used on Chinese GY6 50cc-250cc scooters and mopeds but have been known to be used on many ATVs.  Switch details:RIGHT sideOverall length: 36.8mm [1.45"] including prongsOverall width: 28mm [1.1"] including tabOverall thickness: 9.25mm [.36"]Prong length: 8mm [.31"]115840  1250..


Scooter Brake Caliper for Front Disc Brakes #328

Chinese Disc Brake Caliper for Taotao New Racer 50, EVO 150, Peace 150 GSR and Racer 150 ScooterVersion 328This front disc brake caliper fits the Taotao New Racer 50, EVO 150, Peace 150 GSR and the Racer 150 scooters.  Please use specs and pictures to best identify the caliper you are needing for your machine.Caliper details:Single piston caliperIn..


Scooters Go Kart Headlight Dimmer Switch - 3 Spade Connector

Chinese Scooter Headlight Dimmer SwitchThis switch controls the low beams / high beams function.  It is widely used on 150cc scooters of all makes and models.Switch Details:2 position headlamp rocker switch - high beams / low beams3 spade male plug"Snap-in"Width of frame: 32mm [1.25"]Height of frame: 33mm [1.30"]YYYL-150-06015Shipping details:Item(..

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