Taotao CY50D Milano Scooter Parts

Taotao CY50D Milano Scooter Parts

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Cylinder Hed Valve Cover fits GY6 50cc Scooter w/ EGR Valve

Cylinder Head / Valve Cover for GY6 50cc Scooter EngineThis valve cover is the original equipment cover on the new Taotao 50cc scooters.  It fits many makes and models, but you still need to compare description and pictures to make sure this will work on your scooter.Cover details:GY6 50ccBolt holes across straight side are 104mm [4.1"] center-to-c..


GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc 250cc Engine CDI 6 Pin Dual Plug #19

Chinese 6 Pin CDIVersion 19Chinese 6 pin dual plug CDI fits many 4-stroke models of scooters and mopeds. It fits most Chinese GY6 50cc-150cc scooters, Go Karts and atvs.  Verify the number of pins and style of plug for best match of your CDI.CDI description:6-pin [4 prong + 2 prong]Rounded dual plug [as pictured]65mm long [2.56"]38.75mm wide [1.52"..


GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc Engine Carburetor Electric Choke Assembly

Chinese Carburetor Electric ChokeGY6 50cc, 125cc 150cc This Chinese carburetor electric choke assembly fits carburetors for 50cc, 125cc and 150cc engines.  Also known to fit the newer models of Kazuma Falcon, Cougar, Dingo 150cc models of ATVs. Choke details:Overall choke length: 72.5mm [2.85"] with black protective case removedDiameter of choke: 1..


GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc Oil Dipstick 4.5" #3

Chinese Engine Oil DipstickVersion 3This Chinese dipstick is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  ATVs, Go- Karts and Scooters. This dipstick fits 50cc and 150cc models.  Dipstick description:Overall length: 115mm [4.52"]Cap diameter: 29.4mm (1.16")Threads: M20*2.50Includes o-ringCompatible with 50cc and 150cc GY6 150cc 4 stroke101381Kno..


GY6 50cc Carburetor PD19J - 19mm w/ Metal Top and Spring Drain Line #31

Chinese Carburetor for ATVs, Dirt-Bikes and Go Karts.Version 31 ScooterThis Chinese 139QMB carburetor is the replacement part for many Chinese scooters.  This carburetor has the spring encased drain line that lets you drain the bowl of your carburetor without spilling fuel on the engine. This carburetor fits GY6 50cc 4-stroke models.  Carburetor de..


GY6 50cc Engine Piston 39mm

Chinese 39mm piston for GY6 50cc ScootersThis Chinese 39mm piston is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  scooters.   Piston description:Piston Height: 33mm [1.29"]Piston Diameter: 39mm [1.51"]ID of hole for pin: 13mm [.509"]Pin not includedCompatible with GY6 50cc 4-strokeShort or long case engines50/023Shipping details:Item(s) will be ..


GY6 50cc Scooter Air Filter Hose Assembly #3

Chinese Air Filter Hose AssemblyVersion 3Fits all Tao Tao 50cc ScootersThis hose fits many Chinese 4-stroke 50cc mopeds and scooters.   Please use detail pictures & measurements to verify exact match of your part.Hose description:Overall length of air hose: 111.4mmOD of hose: 43mmID of hose: 31mmNipple in middle of hoseClamp on one endCap with ..


GY6 50cc Scooter Clutch Assembly - 22 Spline #8

Chinese Clutch - 22 Spline - GY6 50cc QMB139Version 8This clutch assembly it the replacement clutch for GY6 50cc Chinese scooters.  Fits almost every brand and model of 50cc gas Chinese scooter out there.  Please check pictures and measurements before ordering.Clutch details:Rear clutch for GY6 50 engine22 splines inside the clutch drum/bellOD of d..


GY6 50cc Scooter Cooling Fan Cover

Chinese Cooling Fan CoverThe Chinese fan cover for the GY6 50cc air cooled engine is used on several makes and models of scooters. Please use detailed pictures and measurements for best match for your machine.Cover details:Fits 50cc air cooled engineMounting holes spacing: 180mm [7"] center to centerThree holes spacing on top: 108mm [4.25"]Hole spa..


GY6 50cc Scooter Crankcase Cover

Chinese RH Engine Cover - 50cc ScootersChinese right hand engine cover for 50cc scooters.  Also known as an oil dipstick cover.  Chain cover details:Used with engines that have a 33 tooth oil pump gear13804A2126   102679Fits Taotao ATM50A/A1 Speedy 50, Blade 50, BWS 50, CY50A, CY50B Vetas, CY50D Milano 50, CY50T3 Magic 50, EVO 50, Jet 50, New Racer..


GY6 50cc Scooter Engine Piston Rings 39mm

Chinese 39mm piston rings for GY6 50cc ScootersThis Chinese 39mm piston rings is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  scooters.   Piston rings description:Fits 39mm Piston [1.53"]Set of 5 ringsCompatible with GY6 50cc 4-stroke scootersShort or long caseShipping details:Item(s) will be shipped within 1 business days once you finished your..


GY6 50cc Scooter Gear Box Cover

Gear Box Cover for GY6 50cc ScooterThis is the gear box cover for GY6 50cc 4-stroke scooters.  It's used on many makes and models of scooters.  Please look at pictures and read description to determine if it will work for you.Gear box cover specs:Overall size: 7.5" x 6.5" x 3"Brake hub ID: 130mm [5.11"]Bearing in center of brake hub: 6004RS  ID:20m..


GY6 50cc Scooter Intake Manifold 18mm #15

Chinese Intake Manifold 18mm IDVersion 15Chinese GY6 50cc intake manifold fits many 4-stroke models of scooters and mopeds. Check pictures and measurements to verify this one will fit your machine/engine. Measurement on bolt holes are center-to-center.Manifold description:Bolt hole measurement: 45mm [1.77"] Height where bolt goes thru: 34.7mm [1.36..


GY6 50cc Scooter Kick Start Return Spring

Kick Start Return Spring for GY6 50cc ScooterThis is a kick start return spring used on GY6 50cc scooters and mopeds.  It fits many makes and models.  Please look at pictures and description before ordering.Spring specs:Approximate OD: 62mm [2.45"]Approximate ID: 45mm [1.76"]Hooks on both ends101359Fits Tao Tao Blade 50, Cruiser 50, EVO 50, Jet 50,..


GY6 50cc Scooter Starter - 10 Spline - 2 Bolt #9

Chinese Starter for Scooters and Mopeds.Version 9This Chinese 2-bolt starter is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  GY6 50cc Scooters. This starter fits GY6  50cc models.  Starter description: 2-bolt 10 toothBolt hole measurement: 70mm [2.75"] center to centerCompatible with GY6 50cc 4 stroke11599A8915  101684Known to fit Lifan, Tank, R..


GY6 50cc Scooter Starter Clutch Assembly - Bendix Drive #22

Chinese Starter Clutch AssemblyBendix Drive - GY6 50cc ScootersThis is the starter clutch bendix drive assembly for models using the GY6 50cc engine.  Please use the pictures and specs to help match the clutch shoes to your application.Assembly details:Overall length:  70.35mm [2.77"]Large gear tooth count:  65 teethSmall gear tooth count:  14 tee..

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GY6 50cc Scooters Intake Manifold Heat Shield w/ O-Ring

Intake Manifold Heat Shield with O-Ring for GY6 50cc Scooters & MopedsThis Chinese intake manifold heat shield with o-ring is used on GY6 50cc scooters.  Used on many makes and models.  Please check the pictures and description before ordering.Intake heat shield description:Between intake and engineHole diameter: 18mm [.71"]Mounting holes are 4..


GY6 50cc Short Case Belt - 18.0mm x 669mm [669-18-30]

Chinese CVT Drive BeltChinese CVT drive belt fits many 4-stroke models of ATVs, scooters, and mopeds. It is the most common belt used on short case GY6 50cc 139QMB scooters.Belt description:CVT [-Continuous Variable Transmission-]669-18-30 [replaces 669-80.1-30]Fits 125cc-150cc Scooters, Mopeds, Go Karts, CVT ATVsReplaces PL20507 and PL30507Length:..


GY6 50cc Short Case Scooter Output Shaft 127mm

Chinese Output Shaft for 50cc ScootersChinese engine output shaft for many makes and models of 50cc scooters.Shaft details:Overall length: 127mm [5"]19 splines16mm threadsDiameter of shaft at the thickest point: 27mm [1.06"]Diameter of shaft at smooth end" 17mm [.67"]includes snap ringGY6 50cc short case10007A17  102224 Fits Taotao ATM50A/A1, CY50A..


GY6 50cc-150cc Oil Filter / Oil Drain Plug and Spring Kit

Chinese ATV Engine Oil Filter, Cover and Spring Kit.This Chinese oil filter is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts and Scooters. This fits GY6 50cc - 150cc models.  Filter description:Filter OD Measurement: 27mm (1.06") approx.Filter ID Measurement: 17.5mm (.69")Height Measurement: 25.4mm (1") approx.Compatibl..

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Snap-in Brake Light Safety Switch w/ Two Leads - #9

Chinese ATV Right Hydraulic Light SwitchVersion 9This brake light switch is commonly used on Chinese GY6 50cc-250cc ATVs but have been known to be used on many other machines.  Switch details:Overall length: 31cm [12.20"] including prongsSnap in style.2 wire with pin connectorsSwitch length: 45mm [1.77"]Switch diameter: 11.9mm [.47"]Also known as t..


Spark Plug - Equivalent to Torch A7TC - NGK C7HSA

Spark plug for Chinese ATVs, Scooters-Mopeds, Dirt-Bikes and Go Karts.This Chinese spark plug is equivalent to NGK (4629) C7HSA & Torch A7TC spark plugs. Replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts and Scooters. Please use the information below to match the plug you are trying to replace.Plug description:Thread size: ..

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