Mini Bike Throttle Cable

Mini Bike Throttle Cable

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Massimo MB200 Mini Bike Throttle Cable 51"

51" Throttle Cable - Massimo MB200 Mini BikeVersion 880This Chinese throttle cable is the replacement part for the Massimo MB200 mini bike. It may fit other applications too.  Please check pictures and description before ordering. Cable description:51" over all length Housing length: 45.5"M10*1.25 threaded end with adjustment nut and 6mm barrelM6*1..


Throttle Cable 31" #23

Chinese Throttle Cable 31"Version 23This Chinese throttle cable is a replacement cable for several ATV, dirt bike models.  Please check specs before ordering.  Cable description:31" over all length (+/-) 1/4'' [81cm]Slide (throw) length: 82mm [3.2"]90 degree curve on one end with 6mm barrelStraight end has small torpedo style endCasing length: 65cm..


Throttle Cable 33.5" #24

Chinese Throttle Cable for ATVs and Dirt BikesVersion 24This Chinese throttle cable is the replacement part for many 4-stroke Chinese  ATVs and dirt bikes. This cable fits 110cc-125cc models.  Cable description:33.5" over all length [89cm]Slide (throw) length: 10.1cm (4")135 degree angle on one endStraight on one endCasing length: 30" [68.5cm]Compa..


Throttle Cable 48" [17] Parts Unlimited

Parts Unlimited Universal 48 inch Throttle Cable - [17]Details:Universal 48" cable with black outer housingBall end fits many throttles..


Universal Throttle Cable 80" #805

80" Universal Throttle CableDetails:Universal 80" cable with 72" black outer housing6.4mm barrel end fits many throttlesNo finial on opposite end..

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